Thousand Acre Farm is a farm that sits on 110 acres in Middletown, Delaware.  Located about an hour away from Philadelphia and New Jersey, this venue makes it so simple for your guests to fly in or commute to your wedding.  The farm hosts amazing sunsets as it's set waterside and becomes an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos.  Oh and by the way...the venue is tax free!  

Thousand Acre Farm Wedding

How Many Hours of Wedding Photography Do You Need?

Curvy girls gide to finding the perfect wedding dress

Top 5 wedding venues in Orlando, Florida

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Getting married at the perfect, most beautiful wedding venue is part of any bride’s dream. Imagine this. Wedding bells are chiming in the distance, flowers are being aesthetically arranged, and your photographer is taking pre-ceremony snapshots of your chosen venue. Bring on the romance and happily ever after! But what if you don’t have a venue already chosen for your ceremony or reception?  

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming for any bride, but for the plus-size shopper, it can be extra challenging. From limited sizes in dress shops to judgmental assistants, there are plenty of horror stories that can make a joyful experience upsetting.

You’re planning your wedding and have found the photographer of your dreams! But what package do you want from them? Will you want photos of the whole day, from getting ready to leaving the reception, or would just half the day do? Do you need to add on extra hours? Is there a difference between full-day and all-day coverage? This seemingly simple concept can easily become confusing.