How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing

You’re ready to pop the question and ask her to be your wife. But how do you choose an engagement ring she will adore without her catching on to what you’re up to?


Check out our tips for choosing the right ring and making your proposal a moment she’ll never forget!


Figure out how much to surprise her

Is she easygoing and spontaneous or does she like to have control over planning your dates and nights out? If she likes surprises and sentiment, she may be thrilled for you to pop the question with a ring you chose. If she prefers a little more planning, she may already have a specific ring in mind and will want some say in the ring you choose. Consider her personality and pay attention to any hints she may drop about what stone or type of ring she wants.


Sneak a peek at her Pinterest

This one may require some subterfuge. Check out her Pinterest account to see if she has posted any dream rings to give you an idea of what she likes. If she keeps ring photos on a private Pinterest board though, you may need to sneak a peek at her phone or computer when she isn’t around.


Pay close attention

Most women drop hints about what kind of engagement ring they want or casually talk about their future proposal. If you have friends who get engaged, she may comment on the ring, so pay attention to what she says about any rings she sees, whether on TV or scrolling through social media. Take notes so you know just what to look for when you’re shopping for a ring.


Go through her jewelry

The pieces she already owns and regularly wears can give you an idea of what styles and stones she likes. Take note of any jewelry she wears often and look through her jewelry when you have an opportunity. Pay attention to any common themes, like colors, stones, and metals. Is there a particular style she seems drawn to, like vintage or classic? Snap a few photos of some of the pieces to show a jeweler, who can help you find something in a similar style.


Talk to her best friend

Chances are no one knows her preferences in jewelry better than her best friend. If you feel her BFF can keep a secret, talk to her about what kind of ring your girlfriend would like. In fact, your partner may have already shared her visions of her dream ring with her best friend.


Take advantage of the private browser

If you share a computer, you don’t want her stumbling across your search history of engagement rings. Be sure to use an incognito or private browser every time you look around online to ensure that she doesn’t end up with targeted ads for engagement rings, which will quickly give away the surprise.


Borrow one of her rings

If you’re not sure about ring size, find a ring she already owns and bring that in to the jeweler. Just make sure it’s not a ring she wears regularly. If she notices it’s missing, you may be in hot water!


If all else fails, just ask

The majority of couples talk about getting married well before they’re engaged, and it’s a great idea to get your partner involved in choosing her ring. After all, you want to make sure it’s something she absolutely loves. You can still keep the when, where, and how of your proposal a surprise, even if she knows a proposal is coming. When you ask her exactly what she wants, you can make sure she’s getting the ring of her dreams, making that “Yes!” extra special.

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