Wedding Photographer Q and A

You’re planning a wedding.  Great!  You’re probably looking at hiring a photographer but how do you know what one to choose with so many options out there?  Hopefully this Q&A about wedding photography can help!. So here is the Wedding Photographer Q and A.


What’s the first thing I should think about when looking for a wedding photographer?

Let’s face it, there’s a zillion and 1 photographers out there so its hard to choose.  But before anything else, I would think about what “style” of photography I’d like to see in my pictures for all eternity.  “But Michelle, what does style mean anyway?”.  Nice and easy way of explaining it…style is the overall feeling of the images…there’s “light & airy” styles, dark and moody, there’s photographers that only shoot traditional, posed shots and photographers that have mastered how to capture the perfect candid.  Looking through the photographers website should give you a good idea on what their style is.  If you’re not getting a clear idea through their site, contact them and set up a consult!Wedding Photographer Q and A


How long should I book my wedding photographer for?

I’ve found that the sweet spot for a typical wedding is about 8 hours.  That’s from meeting with the bride at the location where she’s getting ready until the cake is cut and I’ve gotten at the dancing pictures I could at the reception and all the in between.  If the bride is getting ready in a separate location than where the wedding is taking place or say the ceremony and reception locations are an hour apart from each other, it also includes the time spent traveling to those locations.  If you’re not sure of how much time you would need to book your photographer for, ask them to help you out!  Experienced photographers have been a part of TONS of weddings and should be well versed in timelines 🙂

Wedding Photographer Q and A


Is it ok to ask a potential photographer to see a complete wedding gallery?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!  You’re making an investment.  it’s a pretty big chunk of change you’re handing over to someone in faith that they can do they job you’re hiring them for.  I would be bold enough to say if they refuse to share a complete gallery with you, it’s best you move on.


How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

From what I’ve seen, many in demand photographers book up to 18 months out but many fill up within 8-10 months out.  Plain and simple, the sooner the better.

Wedding Photographer


How come photographers charge so much?

My favorite question EVER 🙂  If you don’t photograph weddings, families, babies etc for a living, I get it, its hard to grasp the concept of exactly why someone would pay so much for someone to take some pictures when they can just have their Uncle Bob who likes to take pictures of birds do it for a 6-pack of Bud Light and an old waffle maker.  Some days, I feel like a 6-pack and a waffle maker will suffice honestly.  🙂  But you’re not just hiring any photographer.  You’re hiring someone who has a God given talent, who has taken the time to learn the craft, who has heavily invested in some great gear and who will spend unseen hours upon hours editing images from your wedding day.  It’s true…the wedding day is just a small piece of the puzzle.  Beyond that day, we have edits, software to pay for, a website to build so we can find more awesome weddings to shoot,  gear to upgrade, repair or maintain, additional skills we have to invest time into to make sure we’re giving you the best possible images. For us, it’s not JUST about the wedding day…it’s the other 6 days out of the week where we’re working behind the scenes.


Do I really need the Engagement Session?  If I don’t want it, do I get a discount?

I believe that engagement sessions are SO important to a wedding day.  Why?  Because Engagement Sessions give clients a chance to get a feel for how that particular photographer works and it gives everyone an opportunity to get used to each other.  That’s why engagement sessions are included in my wedding packages!  Typically, engagement sessions are light-hearted and its usually just the  couple and the photographer so there’s a lot of one-on-one interaction that can help AMAZINGLY well on the wedding day.  From what I’ve seen, typically photographers do not discount if you choose not to take advantage of your engagement session.

Wedding Photographer


Do I have to feed my photographer at the reception?

If you do, that’s amazing.  They’re working really hard that day to make sure they capture all the important details of your day.  Also, it keeps them energized and happy….no one and I mean NO ONE likes a hangry photographer.  It’s not in my wedding contract that a meal must be provided but I do state that while its chow time, I will take a break/grab something elsewhere to eat/eat the granola bar from my camera bag thats been there since 2010.  Because honestly, nothing is pretty about people chewing on their food.  **Nothing to photograph here ;). If you want to book your appointment, read this guide.




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