Why Photography Is Essential in Real Estate

As technology advances, photographers find new ways to capture images for their clients and offer more services to help their customers reach their goals. This is especially true in real estate, which is a field that requires adapting to new techniques to better market and sell properties.


While not brand-new, professional photography is one way that real estate agents can offer better views to potential clients, and can even give them a literal bird’s eye view of the property they are considering. Interior photography offers a detailed look at the inside of the house, and drone photography provides sweeping aerial views that allow potential buyers to imagine their families on the property and living their lives.


Show off major property features

Real estate photography, when done well, allows real estate agents to show off all the features of a property, such as layout and custom features of the home.  With drone photography, additional acreage, garages and storage sheds, pools and backyards are highlighted which ads to your listing.  It can even capture the condition of the roof and other details of the house that are difficult to access when photographing the property from the ground.  If your listing is located in an HOA or community, typically professionals will seek to highlight those areas also which gives potential buyers a better idea of the homes surroundings. 

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Stand out from the competition

Professional Real estate photography and drone photography are just beginning to take off in real estate, which means now is the perfect time for agents and companies to get ahead of their local competition and take advantage of all this technology offers. Many real estate agents stick with the same old cell phone photos, but hiring a professional real estate photographer who is also licensed to utilize drone photography and videography, allows buyers to see more of the property and enables agents to potentially sell their listings faster.


Get amazing photos that have proven to provide a larger sale price

Professional photography services and Drone photography/videography have been proven to raise the sale price of homes. In 2018, for example, homes in the $200,000-$1 million range, that had high quality professional photography sold for $3,000-$11,000 more!  Thats a pretty high profit margin for an average $175-500 investment, wouldn’t you say?  

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Create more buzz for your agency

Any new technology can help you promote your real estate business and show off that you’re on top of the latest trends. Working with a professional in these areas is no different. Using this technology shows potential buyers that you’re doing your best to stand out and bringing them something different than other real estate agencies.  It shows that you truly care about your clients and value working with them enough to provide the service.  You can offer your clients more by giving them a better view of properties in their area.


Give buyers a better feel of the property

Hiring the right Orlando real estate photographers, you certainly will have a more polished look than most other real estate photos and videos and can also give buyers a great idea of what the property feels like before they ever visit it in person. The benefits of adding drone photography is that it can capture the drive up to the house or down a long driveway and can even give a view of the neighborhood, helping potential buyers to better see what their life would be like if they purchase this property.


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Allow for clients to view properties from their home

The pandemic has brought new challenges for every industry, including real estate. Buyers may be a little warier about entering a home. Beautiful real estate photography allows potential buyers to view the property and surrounding area before visiting, allowing them to decide if they want to get an up-close view of the house or not. In this way, buyers can narrow down what properties they want to see, streamlining the process.

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