Creative First Day of School Photos


Snapping a photo of your kids on the first day of school is a must in any parent’s book! It is an amazing way to create a visual timeline of them growing up, that also showcases their evolving personalities. To help inspire you, here are some of my favorite ways to take first day of school photos

Bed Head

If you care less about their first-day-of-school outfit and more about how they have grown, get a cute and funny photo of them once they wake up. Hair messy and pajamas on. Older kids will love this one since they won’t have to pose or smile. Plus, the grumpier their morning face the more fun the pictures. Their current bedspread will also showcase their personality, especially as it changes over the years.

Use a Letterboard

A letterboard is a cute and creative way to display your childs age and the year of school that they are in. Even more fun, let your kiddos tell you how they are feeling that morning and spell it out. Alternatively, you could create or pick out a funny saying for every year instead. A letterboard is incredibly versatile! All it takes is some imagination.

The Backpack Shot

If you remember being a kid in school, you remember how much your backpack reflected your current interests. In a way they were like an extension of your personality, on display for everyone to see. For this photo, you can take a photo of your child from the back, with their backpack on. Or, you can take a photograph of them from the front, holding the backpack in their hands. An alternative to a backpack, you could also use a lunchbox.

The Reader

A huge part of school revolves around reading. Hopefully as your kids get older, reading becomes a regular pastime or interest that they are truly passionate about. If so, a cute way to capture their first day of school is with a book. It can be a book assignment for the year or just their current favorite. Have them hold the book open with both the front and back covers, as well as the spine showing. Keep their smiling face in view as well!

A Personalized Board

Popular in baby photographs, a personalized board is also cute for first-day-of-school photographs. Easy to find on Etsy, these boards comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, with various details. I prefer the ones that state what they want to be when they grow up! Looking back it will be interesting to see how their interests and goals changed with age.

In the Car

A fun way to showcase your kiddos aging is where they sit in the car. In these photographs you will have a cute progression as they move from a carseat, to the backseat, to the front seat and finally the drivers seat. This one is especially fun if you have multiple kids, as you can take a wider angle shot that features everyone.

If you prefer styled photo sessions or professional images to DIY, look no further! I’m glad to offer professional back-to-school photos to families throughout Central Florida and the surrounding area. Contact me today to schedule a session!

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