Tips for Photographing Your Kids

When it comes to photographing your kids, it can feel a lot like herding animals. They do as they please with no regards for you or your goals – just one picture! Please! Rather than chase and pose them for hours, pockets full of sweets to ply them, check out my tried-and-true tips for photographing your kids

Get Them Excited

A few days before you plan to take some photographs, show your kiddos the camera. Let them know what it is for and why you are using it. Be sure to talk to them excitedly! Let them know how much fun it will be and make sure to get them involved. Ask them if they want to pick out a photograph, or bring their favorite stuffy? It will make the photographs feel less like a chore and more like an activity.  Check out my friends over at The LensPal  if you’d like to rent some great camera equipment and try out your skills 🙂  

Get Down on their Level

When it comes time to take the photographs, try getting down on your kids level. Photographs that are level with the subjects head will make the final product feel much more intimate and easier to connect with. This is especially true if you are doing up close shots or portraits, with the child looking directly into the lens.

Take A Break

Kids tend to tire out and get frustrated easily. Be sure to give them a break here and there, to get a drink or a snack and run out some of their energy. This is very important if you are attempting to pose them, (if you are posing kids, space the posed photographs out). Giving kids a break is also important if it is hot outside. They can get as hot and as uncomfortable as you and me.

Get Silly With It

If you’ve ever tried to photograph kids you’ll known how impossible it is to get them to smile. Even more so as the day wears on and they get tired of taking photos. One effective method to get them grinning again is with some silly shenanigans. Put on their favorite song or make some funny noises. For younger children, bring some of their favorite toys or even a person – just keep them hidden until you’re ready to snap the photo!

Be Patient

Photographing children is often times a waiting game. Waiting for them to turn and face you. Waiting for the smallest grin. Waiting for them to stop crying. Go in knowing that it will be slow going and that you will probably get a little bit frustrated. Just be sure to hide those emotions from the kids! They will feed off of your energy and start to get frustrated too.

Keep it Natural

When it comes to kid, the simpler a setting and your tools are the better. Don’t try to carry around equipment and set up too many props. Work with the natural light and the space that you have. If you’re planning on being outdoors, look for shaded areas during the midday or hold out until the evening hours for the ever famous Golden Hour.  The best photos of children are the ones of them just being children. Let your baby put their tiny little fingers in their mouth, and let your rambunctious 10-year-old attempt to climb the tree. Their personality is what you want to remember after all!

Want to pass on the hassle and work with a professional photographer? I’ve got you covered! I love working with kiddos and have ample experience photographing children of all ages. I’m glad to photograph families all throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas, including Winter Park and Apopka. Be sure to check out my family session highlights for some inspo, then reach out to book a date!

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