New Smyrna Beach Photographer

I’ve always said that beach photography was one of my favorite past times.  I started this crazy career on the Jersey Shore, I’ve brought my love for beach photography to Florida and became a New Smyrna Beach photographer!


Recently, I was contacted by a sweet friend from my church about photographing her family while they had a short vacation in New Smyrna Beach.  Hearing so much about her family through small groups where we would meet, I knew we would be a great fit.  As any proud mama would do, she would just go on and on about her boys and of course, those grandbabies.  I was so excited to meet them but equally excited to get my feet in that sand!

The weather in New Smyrna Beach that day was perfect!  We really could’t have asked for a better evening.

With any family photography session, I always like to start with the kids.  And I have a few reasons for this.  Through my experience I have come to know that kids aren’t interested in me for too long.  You have a small window of time before they lose interest and ditch you to go find something a bit more interesting, even if it’s moss on the ground…that’s more interesting than you.  Humbling.  So I have learned to cease the moment!  Even though I do tend to prefer the candid and lifestyle type of photography, the portraits of kids and families looking straight at the camera are timeless.

New Smyrna Beach Photographer

These two are just TOO cute!  If you could’ve seen the fun they were having on the beach will make you wish you were a kid again!


New Smyrna Beach PhotographerNew Smyrna Beach Photographer

Besides the crystal clear water, the slight breeze and amazing golden hour light, one of my favorite parts of beach sessions is grabbing some shots in the dunes!  The textures in the background provide a few things…diversity within the session, texture and color.


Orlando Family PhotographerOrlando Family PhotographerOrlando Family PhotographerDaytona Beach Photographer

Like seriously…I don’t think it gets any better in the looks department than this family!


Orlando Family PhotographerNew Smyrna Beach Photographer


Golden Hour Photography

The lighting at golden our is amazing and has so many benefits for your family photos on the beach and you can find out more information on my blog here!


Daytona Beach PhotographerOrmond Beach PhotographerFlorida Beach WeddingDaytona Beach PhotographerDaytona Beach Photographer


I can honestly say this was such a fun family to hang out with!  Probably one of my absolute favorites.


At Michelle Combs Photography, I just love being your New Smyrna Beach photographer.  If you are still on the hunt for a photographer in the Central Florida area, be sure to visit my website here for a peek at my family gallery. Should you have any questions, or if you would like to book a meeting, please reach out! I can’t wait to capture your family. 



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