Tips to Stay Cool During Family Pictures

Since I do live in Florida and it’s HOT, I thought it was a great idea to give some tips to stay cool during family pictures.  Yesterday and today, we had a heat index of around 109.  Sadly, I had to give up my fast passes at Magic Kingdom because it was just so darn hot.  Not thrilled about that AT ALL.  But next week…that place belongs to me!!! ;). So here is a guide about the Tips to Stay Cool During Family Pictures

Wait For Cooler Temps

It sounds like a big DUH to some but honestly, if you have the pleasure of living in Central Florida, why not just wait it out so you don’t have to worry about wiping the sweat from your brow every 2 seconds or worry about having that washed out look because the heat is draining.  Bit of advice…book your photographer early.  I’m pretty sure there’s lots of people with the same idea.Mount Dora Photographer near me

Schedule Very Early in the Morning

If you need to have portraits done during those hot months, schedule them for the early morning hours.  Often times, it’s much cooler and tolerable than the evening hours.  Learn more about those early morning hours here.Tips to Stay Cool During Family Pictures


Make Smart Clothing and Hair Choices

Crop tops help, undershirts for guys help (you would think the extra layer would make you warmer, but it has the opposite effect), straw hats (that let your head breathe) definitely help, as do flowy skirts, breathable fabrics, sandals, bright colors, and fabrics such as silk (denim is an example of a heavier fabric that would make you feel warmer).  Feel free to go barefoot in photos, or between photos if you like.

Keeping hair away from your neck is a huge help. Gentlemen, get a nice haircut in the days leading up to the photoshoot. For women, there are holds that you can apply to your hair that is strong like concrete, lol. Florida heat will cause havoc with your hair. 

Tips to Stay Cool During Family Pictures

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