Lifestyle Photography Sessions

More and more, people seem to prefer capturing authentic moments and emotions. This can be difficult to achieve when you are being placed, posed or positioned in a random location. Hence, lifestyle photography sessions have become a popular and highly requested service. Learn what exactly lifestyle photography is and how it trumps the standard portrait. 

What is a Lifestyle Photography Session?

A lifestyle photography session is a shoot that aims to capture everyday moments, typically in your own home. It is all about saving the little moments that we may overlook or will come to miss, from making breakfast to cuddling on a weekend morning. They are especially popular for families with a newborn or kids. At a time in your life where the days are filled with household chores and mindless entertainment, and your house reflects it. With toys scattered on the floor and an endless number of bottles lining the kitchen sink.

How Does it Work?

These sessions are a favorite for both photographers and clients as they are so simple. I will show up at your house at the agreed upon time and we will start snapping away. We will also do a few specific activities, special moments that you want to remember. For couples, this may entail a messy brunch or a snuggle sesh on the couch. For kids, you may want to play on the floor or read a book in bed. For families with newborns, it may be a nap on the sofa, a feeding or quiet moment in bed. Most every photography session will also include a little cuddle in the parents bed, with the kids snoozing our bouncing all around you.

What Should We Wear?

When it comes to a lifestyle shoot you should dress casually and comfortably. Wear something that you would wear if you were having a relatively new friend come over to your house. Not sweatpants or pajamas, but some nice jeans and a jumper. Keep your hair tidy but loose. The point of these sessions is to capture your norm, so there is not need to get all dolled up. For the kids, let them take an active role in picking out their clothes. You can give them options so that they don’t look crazy, but this way their personalities will shine through in the photographs. For the babies, we love neutral onesies and other cozy around the house clothes. If they are newborns, you can keep it as simple as a diaper and a swaddle.

My House is a Mess! Do I Need to Clean?

This is a totally normal questions and it really depends on your preferences. Personally, I find the photographs to look better with things a bit messy. This isn’t to say that you should leave your kids dirty clothes thrown about living room, but some toys left around are totally fine. There is no need to feel embarrassed, as this shoot is all about capturing real life moments. If you have a newborn, your house is not going to be pristine. This being said, it is totally okay to tidy up a little or completely clean if that is your preference. This is less common for shoots with kids, but pretty normal if it is just a couple. For couples, a clean house is relatively normal. Plus, there will be less going on in the background of each shot like if kids were involved. So you do you honey.

Are you ready to book your lifestyle session? With 11 years of professional photography experience, these in between and everyday moments are my absolute favorite! I’m excited to offer these services to families in Orlando, Central Florida and the surrounding areas. Reach out today to book a consultation, or if you have any questions! I can’t wait to meet you. 

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