Style Tips for Your Photo Session

When it comes to helping with style tips for your photo session, there are a few rules to abide by. Lots of people feel a little confused when it comes to what will and will not look good on camera. While it is important that you choose clothing that represents your personal taste and style, you also want something that looks good on camera. After all, it can make or break the final product. Keep reading for tips and inspiration for a photo ready outfit, including season-less color palettes.


Wardrobe Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t: Go Color Crazy

I love pastels and vibrant colors but you have to be careful with them for photographs. They take away from your glowing smile and can make you look pale in comparison. Stick to neutrals or darker colors that will complement your skin tone and allow you to shine.


Do: Layer it Up

Layering is an easy way to add dimension and visual interest to your outfit. It also gives you tons of styling options. Depending on the season or weather, consider jumpers, jackets and scarves.


Don’t: Match

The key to great group photos is the ability coordinate or complement but not match. When everyone wears the same exact color it creates a flat appearance. Wear the same color but in different hues and shades. For example, if one person wears navy, others may wear light blue, a grey blue, or white.


Do: Mix Textures & Patterns

While textures and patterns may be a bit scary, trust me when I say they translate well on camera. They will add dimension and take an image from ordinary to extraordinary. Think tweed, cashmere, thick stripes (thin stripes can make you appear large), and large geometric patterns.


Don’t: Forget to Groom

This may seem obvious, but comb and style your hair. Have your nails done or at least cut or clear of chipped finger polish. While small these details always seem to standout in photographs. 


Do: Choose Fabric that Moves

Fabric that moves can have a big impact on a photograph. They catch the wind and showcase the fact that it is a moment frozen in time. Depending on the piece, say it has pockets, it will also lend you more styling options and assist you in posing.


Don’t: Wait Until the Last Minute

Coordinating outfits is not something that can be done successfully at the last minute. Especially if there are people that will be in the photo who do not live in your immediate household. Get on this a few weeks before the shoot and for goodness sakes, iron your clothes!


Do: Accessorize

A common misconception is that accessories are a no-go. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Accessories add some umph to your outfit. The problem is when you go overboard. Stick to one or a few pieces, like jewelry, a belt or scarf, suspenders, a hat or a bowtie.

Don’t: Wear Overly Tight Clothing

Unless you’re doing a boudoir session, tight clothing is probably not the best choice. In general it tends to cling to your body in all of the wrong places. Rule of thumb, avoid tank tops and cotton tees.



At Michelle Coombs Photography, I am always happy to assist you in creating a photo ready outfit. Once your session is booked we can discuss the best color palette for the season and location of your shoot. If you are in need of a Orlando photographer, be sure to check out my photo gallery and reach out if you have any questions!

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